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Start sending NOW with 10 FREE SMS credits

No Contracts | No Sign Up Fees | No Monthly Fees | 10 Free SMS Credits valid 14 days


Integrating SMS into your existing Client Management System or CRM is a great way to keep in contact with your clients and suppliers from a centralised system.

An integrated mobile solution means you can start sending through existing systems, without the need for third party software.

Talk to us about integrating a solution for you. You will be surprised how quick and easy this could be.


Build apps that send and receive SMS using local phone numbers and short codes. Let friends say hello, tell customers their packages are delivered or alert employees that a shift is ready. The API enables users to communicate with your app or chat with one another; your code decides.


Connecting with our API is straight-forward. Make a request to our system and receive a JSON response.

API Options

Our API is flexible, it allows you to send and receive SMS as well as check your account balance with a simple request.

Code Libraries and Sample Code

PHP & NodeJS libraries and sample code are available on our GitHub page. Packages can also be installed by composer or npm.

Our API is really simple, with only a few lines of code you can send an SMS to any mobile number in Australia and New Zealand.


curl -v \
-F "number=61491570156" \
-F "message=hello world" \
-u RGyrznuKkTYa:LvuOpLNs0FPCYfW8XEzspq3UL

PHP – Composer

composer require touchsms/touchsms

Node JS – NPM

npm install touchsms

Try run this code in your browser.

The Best Solution for your Business


    SMS can benefit almost any communication process. If you think you have a process to benefit from SMS integration then most likely you will be able to code the process using our REST API.


    Our API's are secured with HTTPS and API Keys. You can give your API keys to your developers without compromising security on your account. At any time you can enable or disable API keys to control your SMS traffic.


    DLR's or Delivery Receipts, are notifications received from the carriers relating to the success or otherwise of an attempted SMS Delivery. rather than having to poll for message status, we will deliver DLR’s to your call back URL when we get them.


    Numbers are the Caller ID, or from field that your messages will come from. Although not mandatory for API use, we recommend users lease their own Dedicated Virtual Number to send and receive messages through the API.